Best CPR Course I have ever taken. Clear Instructions. Plenty of time for questions. - Karen, Manhattan

This is the best organized and most clearly/understandably taught CPR course I have ever taken, and I have taken several. The teacher is very articulate and does not introduce extraneous technicalities. He did a great job. - Ann, Harrison, NJ

Personable instructors. Info was presented clearly, allowing me to feel confident to apply the skills discussed - David, Manhattan

The information was shown well and explained clearly through the video and instructors - Charlie and Sam answered all the questions thoroughly and in a way I will remember later. Thanks so much! - Glory, Manhattan

This was a great course, and the instructors personality helped take away my nervousness when I first arrived. Charlie did a great Job! - Molly, Manhattan

I have taken similar courses 7 or 8 times in the past...This was the best by far. The Instructors were clear and knowledgeable. - Timothy, Manhattan

Charlie was a great and friendly instructor. The class was very comprehensive and worth every $! - Christopher, Egg Harbor Township

Great Course!!! Thanks, Joanna! I feel like I can help save a life. See you in 2 years! - Lauren, New Rochelle

Well taught course, easily understood - Romy, Manhattan

Great! thanks Shane - very easy to understand and you were very patient to explain and answer so may questions - Theresa, Manhattan