Loved how organized the course was. I felt very open to have all my questions answered. I feel very confident to go out into the world and perform this if a situation calls for it. - Taylor, Manhattan

I've done these courses 4 times now and this instructor was the most thorough, efficient and knowledgeable that I've come across - Andrew, Manhattan

The course was great, I felt that the time was exactly enough for the materials covered and the instructor was thorough, answering all questions and holding our attention for the entire time, which is a feat in a 6 hour class. I feel prepared! - Katharine, Irvington, NY

Instructor did a fantastic job of teaching not only the standard procedures, but also applying it to real life situations. - Zoila, Queens

I have taken 10 BLS classes during my career and Charlie's was the best, most engaging and informative - Keith, Manhattan

I love how Charlie provided real life examples of how to apply the course material and challenged us to think about real life situations. He also has great command of the info. - James, Manhattan

Shane did a terrific job. The CPR AED and First Aid courses were very informative, organized, and well-detailed. All of my questions were answered regarding some of the newer more up-to-date methods. Thank you for your handwork and preparation making this a great course. - Daniel, White Plains.

I've taken 3 different CPR courses over the years and by far this was the best one. Shane was very clear and passionate about this class and I really felt that and enjoyed it. - Kevin, Bronx

Charlie was excellent. This was the best CPR course I've taken in the 20 years I have been taking them. He made it very practical. Thank you! - Amy, Manhattan

Charlie is an excellent instructor who is gifted with connecting with his students to provide the finest learning - Colin, Astoria