Great class! Learned a Lot! Instructors were knowledgeable, experienced, approachable, and humorous. Will come back for all my other classes. - Nawshin, Woodside

Shane was very informative and helpful. He took the time to fully explain the material and respond to questions. - Jay, Bronx.

I've taken CPR many times over the past 30 years. This was the most clear and concise class I have ever taken! Thanks a million Charlie!!! - Lori, Manhattan

Charlie is a genuinely gifted instructor combining information and skills with a common sense and practicality. He is a star! - Dennis, Manhattan

This was an extremely well organized and well executed course. The instructor was knowledgable, well versed and engaging. He answered all questions clearly and went beyond basics when asked. I would highly recommend him and this company to others. - Alice, Manhattan.

Shane was super knowledgable. He had awesome sense of humor and communication skills, which made the class fly by and showed all the material in a practical / real world way. It was way better than I could have expected - 2 thumbs up !! - Andrea, Union City, NJ

The class was very informative, and I liked that it was interactive. The instructors communicated very clearly and were personable. - Andrea, Ridgewood, NY

I have learned so much information on how to take care of myself and others in case of an emergency and I will apply all of these rules in case something happens. The instructors were very clear with everything, and I will recommend this class to everyone!!! - Winston, Bronx

Lesley was super cool and very knowledgeable. She was truly concerned with the students comprehending the information, not just getting us in and out. I would recommend this class to everyone. - Antonio, Manhattan

Lesley was fantastic. She was clear, patient and efficient. - Skyler, Manhattan