Factors To Consider When Choosing an AED Device


Factors To Consider When Choosing an AED Device

  • May 13, 2021

In an emergency, you want people with the right training and equipment to attend to your needs. While you can’t expect every person to have CPR or BLS training, you can trust that AED devices will be ready for anyone to use. If you’re looking for an automated external defibrillator, learn about these main factors to consider when choosing an AED device.

Type of Location

One of the most important factors when choosing an AED device is the type of location it will service. AEDs are now standard parts of building codes that determine the building’s security. However, AEDs are also an essential part of the medical field. Thus, there are many kinds of AEDs out there that service these specific industries. So, when choosing an AED, you should take the location into account. Will this device exist in an office complex with dozens of untrained people or a medical facility with professionals?

Ease of Use

While most modern AEDs come with built-in auditory, written, and visual instructions, these only do so much to educate an uninformed population. If you have never seen or interacted with an automated external defibrillator, you’ll need a moment to familiarize yourself. Yet, acquainting yourself with an AED for the first time takes precious moments in an emergency. When selecting an AED, you should know how educational it is and how much it guides users through the process. Also, ask for a demonstration so that you know exactly what it will be like for first-time users.

Parts and Maintenance

Several parts make up an AED—the AED body itself, its case, the defibrillation pads, and the battery. When you first obtain an AED, these parts will be new and ready for use. Over time, though, the AED will need maintenance to keep it up to code. You must eventually replace the electrode pads and battery since they’ll lose their electrical efficacy after a certain period. By doing this, you can count on their ability to deliver a shock when you need it.

Remember these factors to consider when choosing an AED device. If you’re looking for an AED device in your office or medical setting, check out our AED devices for sale at Frontline Health. We also offer CPR courses that train participants on how to use these devices in emergencies.