Can You Do CPR if You’re Not Certified?


Can You Do CPR if You’re Not Certified?

  • Aug 02, 2021

Imagine that you’re at work when a coworker suddenly collapses. They are experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest. You may not know the underlying reason for their condition, and you do not know how to help them. You vaguely remember the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but is that enough? Can you do CPR if you’re not certified?


The Quick Answer

If you want a quick answer to the question, “Can you do CPR if you’re not certified?” then look no further. Yes! Anyone can perform CPR. You do not need training to be able to perform CPR on an unresponsive person. Providing compression-only CPR is simple and easy.  Call 9-1-1. Place the heel of one hand on the center of the chest and place the other hand on top of the first and push hard (at least 2 inches) and fast (100 - 120 compressions per minute) until EMS providers arrive.


Why Training Is Better

While compression-only CPR is simple enough for anyone to learn, If you want to deliver high quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation to your family member, friend, or coworker, you need proper training. CPR classes will help you learn the correct positions, procedures, and methods to make a life-saving difference in a medical emergency.


How To Become Certified

The easiest and simplest way to learn CPR is through a CPR certification course. In this classroom environment, you will learn the basics of CPR along with the reasoning behind them. You will also practice CPR with hands-on activities, including compressions and breaths on a CPR mannikin. If you want to prepare yourself to act in an emergency, check out our first aid CPR AED certification classes in NYC. Find our schedule at Frontline Health and learn how to save a life today.