Charlie was a great and friendly instructor. The class was very comprehensive and worth every $!
By Christopher, Egg Harbor Township
This was a great course, and the instructors personality helped take away my nervousness when I first arrived. Charlie did a great Job!
By Molly, Manhattan
Personable instructors. Info was presented clearly, allowing me to feel confident to apply the skills discussed
By David, Manhattan
Best CPR Course I have ever taken. Clear Instructions. Plenty of time for questions.
By Karen, Manhattan
After four previous courses, Shane was the most informative and pleasant to listen to.
By Joshua, Manhattan
Instructor was excellent, efficient, clear and most importantly, was able to bring in his hands-on experience which made the course incredibly practical and real.
By Damee, Manhattan
Charlie made a 4 hour evening course, after a long work day, the most enjoyable 4 hour training I've ever had. He is a very engaging and fun instructor!!! He was also very knowledgeable and provided excellent feedback to the class. Thank you!!! I look forward to the next class 2 years from now.
By Sophia, Manhattan
Teachers were great, made it easy to following provided great information. Lots of hands-on is huge plus. I feel more confident for emergencies in the future.
By Melanie, Port Washington, NY
Troy was simply amazing. Clear instructions washed the fears I had away. Thank you!
By Jennifer, Bronx
This was an excellent class. I feel better and much more confident in my ability to help if needed. The instructor has a willing and cheerful attitude in teaching and answering questions.
By Alfredia, Bronx
I loved the instructor, ease of course, and great atmosphere.
By Hannah, Brooklyn
Lesley was fantastic. She was clear, patient and efficient.
By Skyler, Manhattan
I have learned so much information on how to take care of myself and others in case of an emergency and I will apply all of these rules in case something happens. The instructors were very clear with everything, and I will recommend this class to everyone!!!
By Winston, Bronx
I have taken similar courses 7 or 8 times in the past...This was the best by far. The Instructors were clear and knowledgeable.
By Timothy, Manhattan
The information was shown well and explained clearly through the video and instructors - Charlie and Sam answered all the questions thoroughly and in a way I will remember later. Thanks so much!
By Glory, Manhattan
This is the best organized and most clearly/understandably taught CPR course I have ever taken, and I have taken several. The teacher is very articulate and does not introduce extraneous technicalities. He did a great job.
By Ann, Harrison, NJ
I thought the information was invaluable and the instructor was excellent. Charlie moved the class along with a respectful amount of humor, real life experience, and clearly knew his material.
By Sonia, Manhattan
I have taken CPR/First Aid courses before. This was the best ever because Charlie explained the reason why, not just the how of doing treatment. Excellent Course.
By Elizabeth, Brooklyn
Instructor. Very knowledgeable and spoke very clearly. He was also very engaging and kept the class on their toes.
By Idy, Manhattan
I've taken about five CPR AED classes now to keep certified in order to serve as a substitute instructor, when needed, at martial arts studio on Long Island - so over the years I've experienced different teachers, venues, and organizers for the American Red Cross. Yesterday's class, with Frontline Health in Manhattan, was the very best I've ever had: the most equipment available to students, the most thorough training, the clearest explanations. The instructor was Troy Clobes: a lot of knowledge, valuable common sense, just the right amount of humor, and perfect respect for all eleven students there.
By Michael, Port Jefferson Station, NY
Lesley was fantastic. I've taken CPR AED before. It can be dry and redundant. Lesley was clear, efficient, and very interactive.
By Adriana, Manhasset, NY
Extremely professional from the moment walking in. Provisions for participants, materials, video screens, room, presenters. Very high level! Thank you.
By Sam, Brooklyn
Lesley is a terrific instructor - very knowledgeable and helpful, especially applying to real life situations
By Brenley, Manhattan
Very happy I attended today!! Learned some great skills.
By Kira, Brooklyn
Lesley was super cool and very knowledgeable. She was truly concerned with the students comprehending the information, not just getting us in and out. I would recommend this class to everyone.
By Antonio, Manhattan
The class was very informative, and I liked that it was interactive. The instructors communicated very clearly and were personable.
By Andrea, Ridgewood, NY